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Looking for a cozy home, plot of land, commercial space or an attractive new buildidng? At Albert you will not only find an extensive range, but also a warm welcome and a personal approach. Our expert and passionate team members will guide you through every step of your real estate adventure and ensure a smooth and, above all, stress-free transaction.

Discover how our expertise and passion can make the difference for you. Feel free to visit one of our offices and experience the family atmosphere that sets us apart from the rest.

A touch of history

Over ons albert
From farmer to politician

Albert Van achter was a farmer and closely associated with the lands he cultivated. In addition, in the 1950s, he achieved his political ambitions and was elected as the youngest councilor in Gent, he also changed his view on the land he cultivated and the meadows he used.

Real estate agent avant la lettre

From then onwards he was intensely involved in constructure planning which was then only starting up. With his capacity as council, he was committed to create new uses for the land but also to defend the outdoor and forests against the growing cities on the countryside. Later on as a council of Lede, he worked with the same intensity as a real estate agent avant la lettre. With proud; we are honoring his name Albert Vastgoed for his commitment and vision; now and then.

The story continues

Albert is continuing this tradition. Supported by an experienced and dynamic team of entrepreneurs and real estate agents; Albert Vastgoed with in the meanwhile over 15+ offices spreads it’s wings in Flanders. Other than the authentic; transparent and personal approach; we also use the newest technologies to handle your transaction smoothly. Albert Vastgoed also has it’s own team with expertise in marketing; administration, IT, photography, graphic designs, legal, .. to successfully complete your sale.


  • Founding fathers Peter-Jan Matthijs and Jan Vlieghe open the first Albert Vastgoed office in Bruges


  • We're expanding! Welcome Albert Vastgoed Diepenbeek


  • We are opening our 4th office! Welcome team Lendelede
  • Smetlede, the birthplace of our founder, welcomes you!


  • Lukewarm, our 8th office is opening its doors!


  • Our webshop Albert.boutique is born!
  • West Flanders has its 4th office!


  • New ultimate record of website visitors
  • Albert Vastgoed becomes Albert
  • We welcome the group QSpot and Glen Vandersnickt as new CEO within the Albert family!


  • Our success story is growing! In 2023 we will be present in every Flemish province!
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