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Planning to sell?

Your home is not just "a house", but a place full of memories and emotions. At Albert we understand this like no other. We therefore offer you a very personal and warm approach to make the sales process run as smoothly as possible. Our real estate experts are not only very experienced and knowledgeable, they also take the time to listen to your wishes and needs.

We ensure a correct valuation of your home and emphasize its strong points. With the right marketing strategies we find the perfect buyer for you. At Albert we sell your home, but never your nice memories.

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Selling with Albert works like this...

A no-obligation conversation with one of our local experts

Looking for a broker who knows the region through and through? Then you've come to the right place! We attach great importance to a personal approach and that is why we are happy to link you to one of our local brokers. This expert has excellent knowledge of your neighborhood and can provide you and potential buyers with valuable and personal advice.

Always the right price determination for your home

We research the prices in your neighborhood and in the current real estate market. We also do everything we can to sell your property at the best possible price.

The right marketing strategy

Our marketing strategy is specifically aimed at your target group and ensures maximum and targeted publicity on various online and offline channels. This way we quickly and efficiently find the right candidates for your home.

Be present everywhere

With our extensive network of offices, we are always and everywhere present throughout Flanders. This means that we are very strongly anchored locally and have the perfect expertise within your region.

Be part of a family

With us you are part of a family. We attach great importance to personal contact and strive to build a relationship of trust. In this way we ensure that you immediately feel at home with us and you can count on a warm and family approach.

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Glen Vandersnickt
CEO, Albert

In the real estate world, there is only one key to true success: building lasting relationships with clients. Having worked in this sector for years, I know better than anyone how crucial it is to listen to what our customers really want and need. It is a complex world with unique challenges every time, but our employees deliver the highest quality time and time again.

This makes every customer experience unique and unforgettable.

Glen Vandersnickt