10 tips to get your home ready for sale

Created on 28/04/2022

Planning to sell your home? Then you could undoubtedly use some help!

These 10 tips will get your house ready for sale in no time.

  1. Clean up. Make sure everything is tidy. Put everything away nicely in the closets, clear away toys, avoid shampoo bottles and the like in the bathroom, ...
  2. Time for the big clean! Avoid unpleasant odors, clean your home until everything is crisp and clean. Pay extra attention to the kitchen and sanitary facilities such as the bathroom and toilet. Make sure everything is spotless like the countertop, kitchen sink, sink, tub, as well as the grout.
  3. Avoid cars in the driveway if possible. This immediately gives the visitor a better view of the driveway and home.
  4. Finalize chores. Things you often put off such as new baseboards and hanging lights can be a huge plus for the potential buyer when visiting your home.
  5. Make sure photos are out of sight. That way, the buyer's attention will focus on the home itself rather than your personal belongings.
  6. Make it cozy! Place fresh flowers, scented candles, a fresh pastry, ... This will really stimulate all the senses of the potential buyer and increase the chances of a sale.
  7. Don't forget the garden! A garden is today a major consideration factor when buying a home. Make sure the garden is maintained. Remove items the are not needed. Clean garden furniture, repair the fence if necessary.
  8. Leave all curtains or window blinds open. Avid buyers like to look outside. This also ensures that enough light enters the home.
  9. If the house is vacant; provide furniture. Furniture can give visitors a better idea about the size of the space.
  10. Most importantly: choose the right real estate agent. Any real estate agent can put your home up for sale. However, the right real estate agent will do everything possible to sell your home at the best possible price and will assist you throughout the selling process! Looking for a real estate agent with experience? Request a free no obligation estimate through our website or visit an office near you.

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