Albert Vastgoed opens 8th office in Lauwe.

Created on 02/03/2020

Albert Vastgoed, specialist in real estate sales and rentals, opens its 8th office in Flanders this week. Sylvie Teirlynck, a driven real estate agent with 20 years of sales experience, will become Albert's family.

The real estate office in Lauwe exists for almost 2 years now and is specialized in the sale of existing and new built houses. It also offers valuations, rentals and real estate advice. In order to be able to focus 100% on the sale of properties in all segments, Sylvie started looking for a strong partner. Today, the importance of working with a team of specialists has become a necessity. Albert Vastgoed is also targeting the niche market of exclusive real estate with Acasa Collection. This brings with it a great asset, since the offer extends to all price ranges, from a row house to a stately villa, with experts in every segment.

"My grandfather called himself 'ne menskezot,' he loved people and his family was his life. He would have sold a property on a beer ticket! Selling and being social is in my genes, this combined with more than 20 years of sales experience makes me today 'good at what I love to do'. Yet I was missing the power of synergy, 1+1=3, working together with the right people. At Albert Realty, I found this. Albert's family is a team with strong personalities, a great deal of humanity and a bundle of knowledge and maturity." says Sylvie. "Moreover, the office in Lauwe strives for a personal approach. It is a must to sit at the table together and listen to what you expect as a client, with always one goal, to sell the property."

Thanks to the partnership with Albert Vastgoed, the Lauwe office can count on a team with expertise in taxation, law, marketing, administration, IT, photography and graphic design. Moreover, Albert Vastgoed's family is expanding its network of offices throughout Flanders, and the growth story certainly won't stop there. Consequently, in West Flanders, this new partnership firmly establishes itself in the top five in the real estate sector.