Everything you need to know about residential renovation duty

Created on 28/09/2022

Recently bought a home? Or planning to buy a home soon? As of Jan. 1, 2023, renovation requirements will apply to residential buildings. We answer the most frequently asked questions for you. What exactly is the renovation obligation?

Anyone who buys a home in Flanders with energy rating E or F must make the necessary efforts to bring it up to level D within five years. After all, that is considered the "feasible average". Already own a home? Then you get a little more time ... you then have until 2030 to bring the energy label at least to D.

Why especially residential real estate?

The climate objectives to be achieved and the still very large number of insufficiently insulated homes in Flanders are at the root of this.

Does this only apply in Flanders?

Indeed it does! For the time being, only in Flanders.

Do you have to work with an architect?

No, you can do it yourself. Within the framework of the works you carry out, always keep a careful record of all invoices for the materials you have used, etc., so that you can always prove exactly what you have carried out and with what materials. Always take photos of the work you have done, before, during and after the work!

Fortunately, you can possibly make use of the interest-free renovation loan and the 'My renovation loan' when renovating your home. Would you like more information? Contact our expert in your area.