Investing in a home or apartment?

Created on 28/04/2022

That investing in real estate is one of the most profitable investments, we have known for a long time. But which type of real estate is most interesting? A house or an apartment? We would like to list the advantages for you!

Invest in an apartment

Apartments are in huge demand on the rental market. Compared to a house, the purchase cost of an apartment is lower, which can make it more interesting to invest in it if your budget is lower. Your rental income increases every year, and automatically! To buy an apartment, chances are you will have to take out a loan. And that loan in turn allows you to enjoy an interesting tax benefit. If you are going to live in your apartment yourself, you will enjoy the biggest tax advantage, but even if you want to rent out your property, you still have an advantage. Invest in a house

Are you a handy harry? A nice renovation project where you can get started yourself can provide a higher return! Location is hugely important. If you want to rent out a house, it is important to be located in a central, attractive location. Homes are especially sought after by young families, with schools, public transportation and shopping being a huge asset. So be sure to consider location when looking for a house as a real estate investment. Tenants of a house tend to stay renting longer than with an apartment, so you can be sure of your rental income for longer. Thanks to rising prices in the real estate market, you can be sure that real estate investment will certainly be worth a lot more within 10 years. That is one of the most important characteristics of a good investment!

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