Mandatory asbestos certificate on sale of house from November 2022

Created on 27/06/2022

Are you selling a home built before the year 2001? Then an asbestos certificate is mandatory as of November 2022. Read more about it in our blog!

You can apply for the asbestos certificate from July 1. The certificate contains information about asbestos in the house and tests whether the house is asbestos-safe. This way, the buyer and seller are clearly informed.

As of November 23, 2022, it becomes mandatory to have an asbestos certificate when selling a home built before 2001. The broker or notary will include the information from the attestation in the sales agreement and eventually in the notarial deed. By 2032, every owner of a home or building older than 2001 must have an asbestos certificate.

There are still many questions surrounding this certificate, but discover below the answers to frequently asked questions.

WHAT IS AN ASBESTOS CERTIFICATE? An asbestos certificate is the result of an asbestos inventory of a building. It describes, for the normal use of the building, which materials or building components contain asbestos, the condition of the asbestos and how it can be safely managed or removed.

WHY IS IT MANDATORY? Because the legislator has made it compulsory, and this due to the potentially very harmful consequences of the presence of asbestos.

HOW LONG IS THE CERTIFICATE VALID? The standard period of validity for the asbestos inventory certificate will generally be 10 years. If the (risk) situation in a building with an asbestos certificate changes, the owner must have the asbestos certificate updated.

HOW TO OBTAIN SUCH A CERTIFICATE? The asbestos certificate issued by OVAM is the research report resulting from an on-site inspection (inventory) by a certified asbestos expert. The asbestos expert must conduct the inventory according to a standard inspection protocol from OVAM. Only certified asbestos experts are allowed to draw up an asbestos inventory. For this, an asbestos expert must undergo mandatory training and pass a final exam of the OVAM.

Do you have any questions of your own after reading this blog post?

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