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albert, at home in new construction

With a team of experienced specialists who provide tailor-made support, transparent communication, and a specific targeted approach, Albert is the key to successful new-build sales.

Albert and new construction , the perfect match!

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Because we understand that the sale of new-build property requires a focused, specific and innovative approach, at Albert you can count on a team of specialists with years of experience. Under the expert wings of Jan Vlieghe , our new construction team always provides tailor-made support for your project.

At Albert we go for new construction ''all the way''!We prefer to get acquainted in the most premature phase of your project. an initial introduction, provide input based on our market knowledge about the supply and demand of the local market.

Is there a click? Do we both believe in the project? If there is trust? Then we are happy to work out a collaboration tailor-made.

This proposal contains the outlines within which we work together, including our marketing strategy and budgets. How do we approach this? Who are our target groups? How are we going to approach them? What actions do we foresee? How do we report?

Transparent communication, optimal involvement and a real basis of trust are the foundations of good cooperation for us

Sales on plan is a profession in itself. It requires a specific targeted approach. In addition, we guide our end customer in his decision-making process. We gauge his needs, give him advice, we respond quickly and honestly, with clear communication and an answer to his needs.

Step 1: Contact Jan,
our new construction expert
Step 2: Request a no-obligation conversation
  • Brainstorming
  • feasibility
  • Preliminary study
Step 3: We will provide you with a detailed proposal tailored to your project
  • How do you see it?
  • How do we see it?
  • How does the market see it?
  • Develop a proposal for your project
Step 4: Signing the cooperation agreement
  • Conditions
  • Including marketing strategy, budgets and communication tools?
  • Preliminary study
Step 5: Startup of your project
  • Care and guidance from A to Z
  • Start sales
  • Strict follow-up and lots of feedback to you
  • Execute and adjust the agreed marketing strategy
Step 6: Closing the project

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